About Us

Our Geographical Location

Shantou Changhua Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located on the coast of the South China Sea, with cultural heritage, modern style diversification, and a unique city - Shantou. Shantou is renowned nationwide for its cuisine and is one of the representatives of Guangdong cuisine culture. Famous tourist attractions: Shantou Small Park, Nan'ao Island, Chaozhou Ancient City, etc. Welcome friends from all over the country to come and play.

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Our Team

Our company currently has 30 employees. Although the scale of our employees is not large, everyone is very capable and has a strong spirit of dedication and teamwork. While achieving our goals, we are also able to provide satisfactory services to our customers. So, even if we don't have the largest number of employees, we can still provide excellent products and services, cater to customer needs, and win a good reputation.


Our Leader

Our company was established in 2010. Our boss has been exploring and learning in the mechanical industry since graduating from school. He is a technical entrepreneur and a leader who is diligent in thinking, innovative, experienced, and pragmatic. He personally handles all matters of the company, including design, research and development, management, and sales. He always pays attention to every detail of the production process and imparts relevant technology and experience to employees to ensure product quality and production efficiency optimization. At the same time, the boss also pays attention to the cultivation and development of employees, encourages them to innovate and expand their skills, and jointly promotes the development and growth of the company.


Our Strength

Our company has strong technological and R&D capabilities, and currently holds multiple patent technology certificates and title of high-tech enterprise; We have a high-quality and skilled work team that can provide customers with comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services in a timely manner. The product quality has been recognized and praised by a large number of users, and many large food manufacturing enterprises are also willing to cooperate with our company. Therefore, in recent years, business has become increasingly hot! The boss has always emphasized that the success of the company along the way is inseparable from the efforts and dedication of the entire team. From basic positions to core departments, every member works together and diligently.

Our Product Application Areas

We are a professional production enterprise engaged in various types of food packaging machinery, integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales, and improving after-sales service. The company's main products include: fully automatic filling and sealing machines, fully automatic self standing bag filling and capping machines, bag feeding packaging machines, bottle filling and filling machines, etc. Widely used as the fields of food, dairy products, and beverages.